Antoine Durand, Head of Fullsix Life



Let’s face facts: the healthcare industry has never applied the same talent for innovation that makes for a healthier world, to their own digitalization or digital marketing. Where other industries have taken the plunge and are reaping the benefits of a future proof digital approach to improve the impact of their business in retail, e-commerce, travel, luxury…  pharma and healthcare have, so far, missed out.

Fullsix Life is an agency built to prove a simple conviction: the healthcare industry can hack its way to digital agility, taking inspiration from the industries that are leading the way in digital innovation.

Though our vocation may not always be simple, our goal is: to identify and apply world-beating best practices in the digital space to the healthcare industry.

At Fullsix Life, we believe that 80% of best practices are already in our tool kit, in our “knowledge base.” But we can’t just do a simple copy & paste to make it work for healthcare. Patients, payers and practitioners alike are rightly protected by stringent regulation, and stakeholders in the medical space are driven by a sense of service, not commodification.  No one wants to live in a world where drugs are marketed and sold like shampoos!

But for too long, agencies and healthcare companies have focused on what can’t be done in digital and have ignored what can.

Fullsix Life is the symbiosis of the Medical and the Digital worlds comprised of both Digital Pure Players and Medical Specialists. Put simply, our medical specialists understand the needs of our clients and their patients, the regulatory framework, and the evolution of global healthcare. Our digital experts depend on their guidance, whilst bringing innovation, creativity and best practices in CRM, data, online media, digital brand content, social impact, Search Engine Optimization, etc, transposing or adapting it in an appropriate way to the Medical space without compromising on accuracy nor integrity.

We know healthcare is a long game, and that your innovation takes years. Our promise is to get you quick results where we can, but above all, results that last.

Our promise is to build and offer Digital that leads to real impact, such as a switch in patient mindsets and outcomes.  And that’s a key part of our business. Without an impact on real-life end-users our agency prizes or the fancy PowerPoint presentations for your supervisory board are meaningless.

We love innovation. We nurture it in Station F, our Parisian incubator. But rest assured, the innovation we believe in isn’t just shiny and new. It’s the innovation that could help you reach out and change your patients’ lives.

They trusted us and so do we